1.The Breville Quick Touch is Best Toaster Oven , BMO734XL Details

The Breville Quick Touch, BMO734XL

The Breville BMO734XL Quick Feel is the simple to operate micro wave that knows the electric power level and time to suit the food if you’re cooking. Adjust power and time on the soar! Smart settings take the guess exercise of food preparation, reheating and defrosting foods. Brushed stainless door covers simple to operate shortcut menu and includes a self-locating turntable. Innovations include; Sensor IQ which detects humidity and calculates time accordingly; My own Favorite which allows you to program your selected environment; Time Defrost which automatically sets defrosting power level once time is suggestions; and of course our Much more button, when a little additional time is needed. One-Touch Auto Keys are pre-programmed shortcuts for commonly used tasks. Comes with a kitchen timer along with clock display and unit weight conversion.

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  • Unique dynamic power adjustment lets user change both power and time during the cooking cycle
  • Ten power levels allow you to adjust the power from 10 percent to 100 per cent with the twist of a dial
  • Sensor IQ Reheat and Cook function automatically adjusts cooking time to match the food being cooked
  • A Bit More – press when a little extra cooking time is needed
  • Self-locating turntable slides effortlessly into place

Product Information

Model Number:BMO734XL

Product Dimensions 20.5 x 18 x 12.5 inches
Item Weight 35 pounds
Shipping Weight 40.4 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)
Department unisex-adult
Manufacturer HWI/Breville USA
Item model number BMO734XL
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Date first available at Amazon.com February 6, 2014

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Breville Quick Touch Best toaster oven

Model Number:BMO734XL

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Top Customer Reviews

Model Number: BMO734XL

Breville is known for its outstanding quality and product design. I have a number of Breville products and love them. So when I needed a new microwave, I did the usual extensive research, but was instantly attracted to the Breville. The design is outstanding. I feared I wouldn’t like the interface, but it’s frankly exquisite, easy to use and intuitive.
But, after owning it for just three weeks, all the lettering on the ‘Start’ button started flaking off, probably from light contact from fingernails as the button is pushed.
For $300, twice the cost of other brands of similar size, I’d expect the buttons to be nearly impervious to minor wear, especially after minimal use over 21 days.
At first glance, this is a microwave that looks like Apple designed it. But Apple wouldn’t outfit a product with a button that deteriorates merely by touching it.
I’ve contacted Breville support and was offered warranty coverage. Instead, I’m returning it. If its primary button is of inferior quality, what else is? I’m not waiting to find out.
Breville, I expected better.——-UPDATE: I have compared ‘Start’ buttons on Breville microwaves at two local stores that carry it. The buttons are entirely different. At one store, the button is smooth and feels like plastic, like the one on the microwave I had. At the other store, the button has ridges and feels metallic. The printing is buried in the ridges, and the button feels/looks like the Stop/Clear button. I expect the printing does not wear off the metallic version.I’m updating my rating from 2 to 4 stars. It’s an outstanding microwave. But be careful. If you buy one and you can’t feel ridges when brushing your finger across the Start button, return it for another, if you’re fond of the printing on the ‘Start’ button.

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Model Number: BMO734XL Vine Customer Review of Free Product ( What’s this? )

If you take Breville’s promotional videos and breathless descriptions at face value, you’d think that Breville had made significant innovations and advances in building their Quick Touch microwave oven. Sadly, this is not the case. Overall, the features of the Breville are quite similar to other microwaves on the market, many of which cost half what Breville charges.

Last fall I bought the Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven and I really liked it (I still do). The Quick Touch microwave is styled very much like the Smart Oven, with a stainless steel front and knobs instead of lots of buttons. Breville’s videos make much of the lack of buttons, but the extra buttons are just hiding behind the door. Instead of a now-standard touchpad to enter cooking times and power levels, there are two rotary knobs that do this. The advantage of the knobs is that you can change the settings on-the-fly while your food is cooking, which on other ovens would require stopping the cooking, re-entering the new settings and starting again. So that’s goodness. But the knobs also collect grime and are more difficult to clean than the usual smooth-surface touchpad.

Like most microwaves nowadays, the Breville has a bunch of preprogrammed cook and reheat modes, where you select the food type and quantity. This is not unique to Breville. There is also the typical “sensor cook” and “sensor reheat”, but the buttons for those are inside the door. The sensor modes did work very well in my tests. The hidden buttons also include dedicated buttons for popcorn (all the microwave popcorn makers say not to use popcorn buttons!), melt chocolate and soften butter.Read more ›

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Model Number: BMO734XL Vine Customer Review of Free Product ( What’s this? )

I really wanted to like this. I purchased their toaster oven, and it is without a doubt the best toaster oven I’ve ever owned. I use it ALL the time for things like pizza and such (don’t use it for toast) and it’s phenomenal and simple to use. The controls are quick and easy for a toaster oven. I would not trade that toaster oven for anything.

So I had hopes for this, being the similar concept to the toaster oven.

One thing I do like is that it has a volume option for the beep and alarm – high, medium, and low. Even my highest end LG range fan microwave unit doesn’t have that.

It is surprisingly quiet, relatively speaking. Even quieter than my 1200w LG, which I had thought was a pretty silent unit.

Another quality I liked is that unlike every other microwave I’ve had, this one will automatically shut off the light if the door is left open. This is ideal for getting moisture to evaporate after you’ve cooked, without having the bulb burn the whole time. I don’t know how many times with other microwaves, I’ve left it opened to dry it out, and then four hours later I go into the kitchen and see it open and the light burning, and thump myself on the forehead since I forgot it was even still open. And this is an important thing on this unit, since I’ve found that moisture builds up a lot in this one. There seems to be a lack of air movement compared to other microwaves I’ve used. So anything I cook, there’s always a film of water, or beaded water running down the sides and inside of the door. I had thought my LG was getting bad that way, but it seems like nothing compared to the moisture that collects in this one. I have nothing anywhere near the fan outlet, so it’s not a matter of blocking the airflow or impeding it in any way. It just collects moisture easily.

It cooks foods well though. I’ve used the smart defrost with hamburger and chicken quite a few times, and only once did the chicken seem to start to cook on the outer edges before the inside was mostly defrosted. Hamburger has come out perfect every single time I defrost. This is a definite improvement over the intelligent defrosting on my LG model, which I’ve pretty much never used because it was just not very reliable.

But I didn’t have as much luck with some of the other smart settings. For example, popcorn was an utter fail for the automatic mode. The bag I used needs 1:45 and I usually end it about 10 seconds early in my LG microwave since otherwise it starts to burn. The automatic one started at 3 minutes, and I had to add about 30 more seconds to that, and it still hadn’t popped more than about 70% of the popcorn in the bag. It displayed full power at the time, but my guess is that it wasn’t actually COOKING it at full power despite the display.

While I don’t mind the knob turning on the toaster oven, I found that I really don’t like turning the knob on the microwave. Spinning things to get to the cook time desired is just much easier and quicker when you can press number keys such as 300 for 3 minutes compared to twisting the knob until you reach it. I also had it stuck on “5” as the end number (rather than a 0 for an even 10,20, etc), and assumed pausing the rotating would let it go to a single digit or at least back to 0 for the end, and when that happens, I couldn’t get an even minute amount, such as 4:00, as the time anymore, only 3:55 or 4:05, until I cleared and started over.

I also didn’t care for having the timer option under the door. So to use it to time something you have to open the door to enable timer, then close it to set the time. Just for timing something I would prefer to NOT have to open the door, since I use the microwave timer for a lot of things such as simmering something on the stove top.

Setting the time was a bit cumbersome as well. Anything that you have to deal with putting in numbers is just more awkward this way and time consuming. Granted, we’re not talking about losing 5 minutes of your life every time you enter something, but it IS noticeable when it interrupts the normal flow in the kitchen.

Fit and finish are very good though, and unlike another reviewer, I don’t have any issues seeing the display from angles other than right in front of it. The door closes securely and opens easily, no play at all. The feet stick well to the surface it’s on so it doesn’t move when you press buttons.

The part of the knobs I do like is the selection for things though, which is probably because I’m used to that from the toaster oven, so it’s nice to just turn a bit to pick whatever food I want. The lack of buttons on the front really does leave it looking clean and sharp, it’s just the numeric entry that I really don’t like doing with the rotating knob.

It’s also a bit cramped compared to what I’m used to with the wider over the range unit. In this one, the circular rotating glass tray pretty much goes edge to edge front and back, compared to the larger one I have above the stove that has so much more room to the sides. That makes it seem pretty tight quarters, but since things in the bigger one have to fit within the dimensions of the plate to rotate anyway, in reality you’re not losing much room.

All told it’s a decent unit, but I’m not sure how much I’d want to pay out of pocket for it. For someone who has the toaster oven and likes it, and doesn’t already have a microwave they’re used to, this may be a good fit. But for people like me who are just so accustomed over the years to quickly be able to tap tap tap and hit “go” to program, the knobs are a bit of a frustration.